F.D. Roosevelt University Hospital of Banská Bystrica is
one of the biggest hospitals in Slovakia, operates in region with 650 thousands inhabitants.
Key facts about the hospital and importance of FDRH in the region and in Slovakia as well:

  • 30 specialized medical departments;
  • about 2 400 employees (from that 400 doctors, 1 500 other medical staff)
  • almost 1 000 beds
  • more than 40 thousand hospitalizations a year
  • providing medical service to as many as half a million patients yearly
  • professionals in FDRH belong to top experts in many medical fields/ specializations
  • the first hospital that provided robot-assisted surgeries in Slovakia
  • a leader in the field of liver transplantations
  • carrying out many medical research projects and clinical trials
  • carrying out biomedical research with its evidence in clinicaltrials.gov
  • with publications in internationally indexed databases
  • with personnel and material-technical infrastructure (existing and future) enabling the implementation of research
  • ISO9001 certified

Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) evaluated the level of Slovak hospitals according to selected indicators including patient satisfaction, quality of the provided health care, management and transparency. The highest award The Hospital of the Year 2021 was given for the fourth year in a row to FDRH in the Category of State University and Faculty Hospitals.

Within the scope of the trade license, FDRH performs business activity mainly in the following scope

  1. providing pharmaceutical service,
  2. operating a kindergarten,
  3. operating Železnô recreational facility
  4. providing EDUKA training centre




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Námestie L.Svobodu 1, Banská Bystrica